Herbie Mystery pack (25 grams)


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Enjoy the ritual with a herbal mixture without nicotine

The latest Herbie blend will satisfy all expectations because, you guessed it, the secret ingredient is hemp. The combination of scents, terpenes and relaxing properties that the Mystery pack provides will take you wherever you want. A unique substitute for tobacco instead of nicotine and harmful additives provides an unforgettable experience of enjoying plants.

Magic Forest herbal mixture consists of four hand-picked herbs especially for you (mulberry, hops, bearberry and CBD flowers).

My family creates Herbie for you, and being Herbie users ourselves, we don't allow anything less than perfection.

The Herbie package is waiting for you:

  • Five grams of happiness
  • Herbie zip bag which keeps the happiness from going out (it is reusable)
  • A message that will brighten your day
  • The positive energy of all the people who created Herbie for you
  • Self-adhesive labels (stickers) with which you get discounts
Determined, relaxed, soft, different, fragrant, complete are just some of the adjectives that make your experience with Herbie magical.
Choose Herbie, enjoy plants without nicotine.

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