Istrian CBG flower 1G + large Herbie package 25G


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Istrianka is a flower that gives us the option to love Istria even more.

It grows near Chardonnay vineyards where it absorbs the sun's rays and the scents of the sea. It is not selfish and that is why it enriches the quality of the grapes with its terpenes, and gives the future wine a specificity over other wines of the same variety.

The perfect interweaving of sweet, mineral and pleasantly bitter flavors creates a completely new experience of this golden drop.

Thanks to the Istrian soil and sun, Istiranka has 16% CBG, and with it you don't have to worry about breaking the law because it has less than 0.2% THC.

If you are a fan of herbs that smell good and you also like Baranja in addition to Istria, then it would be pointless not to take Herbie along with Istrianka at a better price in the package.

Treat yourself to this flower and smell how Istria and Baranja smell in the form of flowers.

Please note that Istrianka is not intended for consumption, but is declared as a medicinal herb.

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