Herbie tasting package (5 flavors of 5 grams each)

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You want to enjoy plants without nicotine, but you don't know what your favorite flavor is?
I believe that each Herbie is perfect for its occasion and for its person.

Herbie Classic is a refreshing summer flavor with aromas of raspberry, mint and lemon.

Real Thing takes you to fields of hops and lavender and seriously relaxes you.

Tea of ​​the Freedom is the flavor that all of us who like to try new things, but are not fans of floral aromas, have been waiting for. It's time for liberation with the light and mild flavors of hops, mulberry and bearberry.

The Magic Forest blend is the unification of seven plants and the highlight for all lovers of relaxing with plants. For special occasions, a special blend dedicated to the magical forest was created.

The Mystery Pack is still an undiscovered secret. The new Herbie flavor finally introduces hemp into the story of herbal blends and makes it even better. Explore how the scents of mulberry, hops, bearberry and CBD flowers blend together.

Reward yourself with a pack of all Herbies and enjoy finding your favorite flavor and creating your favorite moments. Be Herbie, be free.

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