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Kako se opustiti?

How to relax?

Find out how to relax quickly and efficiently.

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Upoznavanje s terpenima

Introduction to terpenes

Terpenes are found in almost all types of plants, and thanks to them, these plants have a smell and taste. In addition, they are responsible for lifting the mood, they also have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties. 🤗

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Korištenje kanabisa samo zbog THC-a bi bilo jednako kao da pijemo samo da bi se napili.

Using cannabis just for the THC would be the same as drinking just to get high.

It is interesting that the average share of THC in seized cannabis in Croatia (2014) is only 8.9%. About the same as the percentage of alcohol in wine or beer.

We don't drink wine or beer just to get drunk, but also for the smell, taste and ritual of drinking. It is most common when we are in company, so it is a ritual in which we get closer.

We would be mean to cannabis if we valued it only by how much THC it has. This is not how real cannabis lovers behave...

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