Jure Grando CBD flower (10 grams)


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It is believed that Jure Grando Alilović is the first vampire with a first and last name, and what he has to do with CBD flowers you will find below... 🧛‍♂️🍀

Historical documents mention a story in which Juro Grando appeared to the priest who buried him, and then continued to terrorize the other locals. If Jure knocked on the door of a house, someone died in it the next day. ☠️

Jure lived as a vampire for 16 years until the locals decided to kill him. First they tried with a stake, but he fought off Juru until a local took an ax and cut off his head. 🧛🏻🪓

There is another version that says that Jure was really Grando, but a man and worker who suffered a sad fate. According to the right of the first wedding night to de-virginize Jura's wife, the master of the property where they lived had. 😮

Jure opposed this, and the lords of the estate ordered that Jure be killed so that others would not follow his example. The prefect who tried to kill him only knocked him unconscious, and Jure was buried alive. When he started calling for help, they cut off his head.😳

We don't know which version is true, but we know that our CBD, just like Jure, bites the hardest. 💪

Be like Jure, oppose what is wrong and be an example to others!🌞 

Please note that Jure Grando is not intended for consumption, but is declared as a medicinal herb.

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