Što je divizma?
February 02, 2022

What is mulberry?

Divizma is that character in the team that you only see as he is tall and standing by a stream.
Branched with lots of yellow flowers. 😎🌼

We also call it wild tobacco, although he says he doesn't really like tobacco, but it will help anyone who has a sore throat and lungs because of it. They always pat you on the back when you want to cough something up and make it easier for you. 🏆🥳

The most interesting thing is that when he was hanging out with the Amish, they immediately forbade smoking tobacco, but that's why the mullein flower was smoked or inhaled as a medicine for lung diseases. 🤯

I also know that the Amish can think of anything, but have you ever thought of it? 🤔

According to popular belief, mulberry has extremely magical power, according to our belief, magical power helps to quit smoking. 🍀