Što je hmelj?
February 04, 2022

What are hops?

When you hear hops, the first thing you think of is beer, for sure, but hops are much more than beer. 🍀🍻

You can drink, eat, sleep on it, and some even smoke it. It's no wonder that hops were declared the best plant of 2018. 👑

A climbing plant from the Konopljevki family, which gets its name from the genus Hemp, belongs to the genus Humulus. It grows naturally in moist areas of Europe, Asia and North America where it climbs the bushes along rivers, streams and forest edges. 🏞

It is known that hops were used by the Egyptians during the 9th century to treat insomnia, and the ancient Greeks also studied its medicinal properties. As with the genus Konoplje, mostly female plants are cultivated for their medicinal cones. 🪴

Pine cones (female flowers) are used for nervousness, insomnia, anxiety and other conditions in which the nervous system needs to be calmed down, and because of its bitterness it also stimulates the appetite. 🤩🥳

The effectiveness of hops in the treatment of restlessness and anxiety has been proven by the German Institute for Medicines (BfArM) and confirmed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Hops mean more restful, deep sleep and greater alertness during the day due to less fatigue and sleepiness. Ultimately this could mean better health which means a better life. 🥂🎉

Hops and cannabis contain the same aromatic terpene compounds that are responsible for the taste and smell of the plant. In addition, the psychoactive effects of individual terpenes and aromatic mixtures can be enhanced in the combined experience. 😋

Understanding how certain aromatic compounds regulate the action and effects of others takes us into a whole new world. Learn more about it in the next post, so save the post and follow Herbie. 🕺💃🤳

The pillows can also be filled with pine cones for a good night's sleep, but we prefer to fill Herbie with pine cones for a good day. 🤭🤤