Što je Herbie?
February 07, 2022

What is Herbie?

Herbie is a herbal mixture without nicotine, with the help of which I eliminated nicotine from my life forever. Now I want to help everyone who wants to enjoy plants without nicotine.

You probably also reach for plants when you want to relax and take a moment for yourself. We are no longer even aware that we have created a ritual by which we relax with plants, but we do it automatically.

When we start doing something automatically, we often forget to enjoy it. Herbie wants to remind you not to forget to enjoy your ritual and your plants.

The idea that we can improve our lives with plants and use them for good is the reason why we exist. Let's go back to nature and remember the power of plants.

Instead of financing the tobacco industry, which poisons us and makes us addicted, choose a greener path. You can enjoy your ritual with other plants that will not make you addicted and will help you relax.

Dandelion, bearberry, raspberry, mint, lemon balm, hops, lavender and many other herbs we use for relaxation and to make Herbie mixes.

We believe that you love your routine and ritual as much as we do, we don't force you to change it. You can still enjoy the plants, but we offer you a new experience of enjoying the ritual.

Change is something different just for a moment, live that moment as you want.